I first met Pablo Rojas in Toronto, Canada as a teacher and as a milonga organizer. After taking advanced lessons from him for over a year, I decided that following Pablo to Buenos Aires was essential, in order to find my way around the dance floor with more confidence.
My visit there was filled not only with tango, but just as importantly Pablo balanced dance with culture. While the trip was organized, he was also flexible to my wishes, while all the time totally energizing me with his unbridled zest for life. As a result, I was exposed to all of the arts and as much culture as possible in an entertaining fun atmosphere.
My first night provided me with an opportunity to taste BA’s version of great BBQ offerings while dancing with one of Pablo’s many teacher friends on a terrace under the stars...what a great entré!
Thanks for all Pablo!

JIM (TV Director,Toronto)

At first I felt I wasn't learning much and thought Tango was a little boring. Then I discovered Pablo's classes and my love affair with Tango began. In class Pablo was friendly and down to earth. He gave examples of what to do as well as what not to do and explained why. For the first time I felt I was learning and things began to make sense. His classes were always fun because he infused humor into them.
Then I decided to take Pablo's TANGO&ARTS tour to Buenos Aires. During our stay Pablo took us to Ballet at the Teatro Colon, La Recoleta Art Cemetery, Museums, Cafes, the Rio de la Plata, Festivals, and plenty of Tango venues.We met Pablo's friends, danced with them and sometimes we went to a milonga till 3am, then to another till 7am and then to breakfast! All this really boosted our confidence and we were high on friendships and Tango! Pablo's sharing his friends, experience and knowledge along with his warm personality was definitely the highlight of the trip.
I will never forget the wonderful time we had and the hospitality shown to us.
My only fear when I go back to Buenos Aires one day is that... I may not have as good a time as we did with Pablo.

COLLEEN (Bank Officer, Los Angeles)

Kelly and I enjoyed Pablo's warm and friendly personality every second we were with him.
The tango lessons were loads of fun despite our being novices. However it was a great experience. Pablo is a great guide surpassing widely our expectation of the trip . We absolutely recommend taking his TANGO&ARTS tour.

KEN & KELLY (Doctors, Los Angeles)

We always felt Pablo's loyalty and attention to detail and responsibility during the tour. He is flexible, innovative and open to political enquiry and his humor is infectious. We especially enjoyed all the tango practicas he showed to us and the theatre in the book store. It goes without saying that you are an excellent Maestro. We all miss you a lot in Toronto too, so please, come back soon!

GRETA & HARVEY (Psychologist and Writer, Toronto)

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